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The partnership is formed by organisations from 6 different countries, from Spain, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Cyprus, and Italy.

Universidad de Valladolid

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Enrique Baeyens Lázaro, Vice-Rector for Research



The origins of the University of Valladolid (UVa) date back to the 13th century (1241). Since then, this academic institution has grown and adapted to modern times to become one of the most important universities in Spain.

Its activity is carried out in four campuses, located in Castilla y León: Palencia, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid. It offers a wide variety of degrees with programmes in the fields of Science, Humanities, Engineering and Architecture, Health Sciences and Social and Legal Sciences. In total, 68 bachelor’s degrees, 15 joint study programmes, 65 master’s degrees and 29 doctoral programmes are offered in its 26 centres, 59 Departments, 12 University Institutes and 4 Research and Technology Centres.
Its commitment to lifelong learning, its leadership in mobility and extensive network of international relations, its prestigious research centres, its enormous cultural and sporting potential and its social and environmental commitment make up an exceptional academic environment, comparable to that of the oldest and most prestigious European universities.

In addition, UVa has consolidated the overall score achieved last year in several of the most relevant national and global rankings such as Shanghai, CYD or U-Ranking.

DPEWE (Directorate of Primary Education of Western Thessaloniki), an integral part of the Greek Ministry of Education,Religion Affairs and Sports is one of the largest education organizations in Greece responsible for schools and teachers. It is in the Prefecture of Education of Central Macedonia and is responsible for 248 mainstream education in early childhood schools (4-5 years of age), 4 schools for children with special needs, 1 unit in a public hospital for children who need in-hospital treatment and 26 private early childhood schools. It has also overall responsibility for 165 mainstream education primary schools (6-12 years), 7 primary schools for children with special needs, 4 intercultural primary schools, 1 experimental – pilot school. The Directorate employs approximately 5.600 teachers. Around 37.000 children are currently enrolled in its schools. Its role is to co-ordinate, supplement, support and implement educational policies, and to lead initiatives to address issues and priorities.

The Directorate of Primary Education of Western Thessaloniki 

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full name : Kostas Vasileiou – Project Manager
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cell phone number of the primary contact person: +306932752351

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Evangelia Boutskou – Director of Primary Education of Western Thessaloniki

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cell phone number of the primary contact person: +306948236929




Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft GmbH

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Katrin Echtermeyer
+49 341 51999559

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Sabine Röhrig-Mahhou

Wisamar is an accredited, non-profit education provider founded in 2005. With a motivated team of project managers with a variety of expertise, language teachers, and graphic designers we work in different areas of further education and training, including integration and language classes, EU projects, and EU Mobility.

We can look back on more than 500 successfully conducted mobility programs and over 50 projects aiming at the development or the transfer of innovations, and we are happy to share our expertise, for example as regional mobility information desk for the German National Agency.

RIC Novo mesto is an adult education centre with more than 60 years of experience. Our organisation was established as a public equivalent body by the Municipality of Novo mesto, the largest city in Southeast Slovenia. We currently employ 17 people and cooperate with more than 130 regular external experts, teachers, mentors, and researchers. We develop and implement innovative formal and non-formal education programmes and offer guidance services for different target groups: general public, people living in rural areas, people with special needs, young adults, the unemployed, senior citizens, the Roma population, immigrants, prisoners, employees in the search for new training and education, etc.

As a public body, we work closely with a wide network of local, regional, and national partners, such as municipalities, ministries, regional development agencies, chamber of commerce and industry, Chamber of Craft, other adult education organisations, primary and secondary schools, higher education institutes and faculties, NGOs, enterprises, etc. Based on our project work, we cooperate with a wide network of international partners. Within different programs and activities, we have been developing innovative teaching and learning methods that increase the effectiveness of the learning process.

RIC Novo mesto

Razvojno izobraževalni center Novo mesto


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Gregor Sepaher, Director | 




A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd

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Athos Charalambides |

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Athos Charalambides |

The Emphasys Centre, was established in 1998, and operates as an Education, ICT Training Centre, Research and Software Development Centre approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. It is organized in 4 inter-related departments:

  • The Education Department which offers validated and accredited IT courses, as well as Career Counseling Services.
  • The ICT Training Department which includes two highly equipped units: (a) the STEAM Unit which offers courses to young people combining Robotics, 3D Design and Printing, as well as Coding through Video Game guided with ‘Lego Education Trainer’ instructors, and (b) EU Training Unit which provides wide selection of Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility Courses for EU professionals and citizens.
  • The Research Department that works with several organizations on EU projects under a number of funds (e.g. Erasmus, AMIF, AAL, Justice)
  • The Software Development Department which is involved in the design, development, pilot-testing and evaluation of various e-learning tools, games, mobile apps, platforms, websites, applications and assessment portals etc.

Emphasys is an active member of many networks such as the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN), CONNECT INTERNATIONAL and CRES – Centre for Research and European Studies – Future Business.

Cidis Onlus is an Italian non-profit organization working to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and to promote Italy as a multicultural society.

Cidis Onlus operates in central and southern Italy to achieve cultural diversity, equal opportunities for all and social cohesion, promoting intercultural dialogue and fighting prejudice, racism and xenophobia.

In order to reach this goal, CIDIS undertakes a series of different and complex initiatives throughout four regions of Italy (Umbria, Lazio, Campania and Calabria).

Cidis Onlus works in close cooperation with migrant and third sector associations, business, trade unions, local, regional and central government bodies. Cidis Onlus has built up an extensive and reliable network of European partners with whom co-operates in the implementation of international projects.

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Laura Panella

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Maria Teresa Terreri